LinkedIn? Twitter? Blogging?

I don’t want to be on Facebook!

There has been a great deal of hype around personal branding and you might have set up a LinkedIn profile awhile ago and now you have started to get email notifications with people wanting to connect with you. Connect what? The truth is that social media is changing rapidly and it is almost impossible to keep up, especially if you are a business owner or executive focusing on your day-to-day.

At Social Media Now we can help you build a professional online profile that is easy to maintain and makes an impact to position yourself as a thought leader in your industry.

Personal Branding Services
  • Personal brand audit
  • Social media planning
  • LinkedIn setup
  • SEO strategy
  • Online public relations
  • Personal blog setup
  • Thought leadership strategy
  • Content writing and proofing
The Power of LinkedIn
Career management & recruitment

One of the most popular uses of LinkedIn is for showcasing your skills and expertise when searching for new career opportunities or getting your business noticed by investors. LinkedIn is the perfect online resumé to get noticed in any industry, but especially in the corporate world where LinkedIn has become the go-to tool for talent management/research.

Get your business found

LinkedIn is not only for individuals but an effective platform for businesses to showcase their services and communicate company news to stakeholders. LinkedIn company pages need to be verified by a domain name linked to the company, which increases the platforms legitimacy.

You are an ambassador for your business

If you are a business owner or top level executive you will without a doubt be one of your businesses biggest marketing tools. Personal branding is all about building your brand in order to invertedly build your business by being seen as an industry expert.

Social networking at its best

LinkedIn has become the business networking hub for industry experts to connect with like-minded professionals to build business and form partnerships. LinkedIn also provides a number of premium memberships that gives you the ability to connect further and boost lead generation for sales people.

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