Content is definetly king when it comes to online marketing. Search engine optimisation is driven by frequency and relevance of content so it is vital to keep updating your website on a regular basis.

Content Marketing Services:
  • Blog writing
  • SEO content writing
  • Content strategy
  • Online Magazines
  • Email Campaigns
  • White papers

How content marketing improves your Google ranking:

More content = more keywords

Content marketing through blogs and white papers is the perfect way to include authentic keywords on your website.

Linking building on high authority website

One of Google’s SEO considerations have and always will be links. If your company website’s link appears on a high authority website it will aid in increasing your search engine ranking. This can be achieved through supplying high authority websites with guest posts where your links appear.

Content campaigns attract visitors to your website

When you launch any type of online marketing campaign the result will be an increase in traffic to your website which in turn tells Google your website is relevant and pushes it up in the rankings.

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